Udemy – WordPress to App – Turn Your Website Into an Android App

Udemy – WordPress to App – Turn Your Website Into an Android App
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Flash course! Learn how to turn your WordPress (or non-Wordpress) website into a downloadable ANDROID app by tomorrow.

This flash course will take you through the short and easy process of turning your WordPress (or non-Wordpress) website into a downloadable Android app.

What is a WebView app?

A WebView app is a native app which anyone can download from the app stores and install on their devices. The term “WebView” means that the app will open a viewer window which shows your website content in it.

Why creating an app for my website?

Let’s face it – the world is going mobile. It’s been going mobile for quite a few years now, and your website, as beautiful and content-reach as it is, is still “only” a website. It’s hard to be unique these days, you can find numerous websites of any niche, and offering your followers to reach your content through a native app, besides from your website – is the right thing to do now if you want to stand out in this crowded world.

But my followers can just surf to my website from their mobile device!

True, but why not making things easier for them?

Imagine this: Someone saw an interesting article in your website. He wants to show it to a friend. He opens his mobile browser, types your website address and searches for the article.

This proccess needs to be done by your website readers EVERY TIME they want to reach your website through their phones!

By offering them a downloadable app which will immediately send them to your website – you help them reach you faster and more easily – all they have to do is click on your app icon!

Plus, this will help your brand – imagine that your website icon will be in front of your readers’ eyes everytime they open their mobile devices (and we both know how many time that happens everyday).


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