Lynda – Rendering for Composites inside 3ds Max

Lynda – Rendering for Composites inside 3ds Max
Intermediate | 1h 50m | 6.59 GB | Project Files | Software used: 3ds Max 2014

Learn how to use the extensive range of tools in 3ds Max to render out elements for compositing. In this course, Joel Bradley shows how to break a project down into manageable pieces with 3ds Max’s Render Elements feature and manage the render passes with the State Set tools. He explores this pipeline via three mini projects that take a shot from breakdown to final composite. First, he sets up and renders the elements in 3ds Max. Second, he “pre-composites” and outputs the files using the Compositor Link panel. Finally, Joel jumps into After Effects, where he adds post-production effects such as per-object color corrections, reflections and refractions, atmospheric haze, and motion blur.

Topics include:

Making a pipeline decision
Understanding how state sets work
Using state sets for rendering passes
Setting element parameters
Creating a custom matte pass
Installing Compositor Link
Outputting rendering footage to After Effects
Adding post-production effects in After Effects


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