Lynda – Exploring Composition in Photography

Lynda – Exploring Composition in Photography with Taz Tally
Intermediate | 2h 39m | 607 MB | Project Files | Software used: Lightroom 5

In photography, composition isn’t everything…but it’s close. Effective composition can make a photo far more powerful by drawing the viewer’s eye into the scene and guiding it in a way that conveys your intent as a photographer. In this course, photographer and educator Taz Tally details four pillars of effective, impactful composition: simplicity, asymmetry, eye lines, and point of view. Through example images and helpful graphics, the course discusses not only the things you can do to enhance composition when you’re shooting, but also improvements you can make using imaging software such as Lightroom. Throughout the course, Taz issues challenges to help you practice what you’ve learned. The course concludes with a look at how to critique—and thereby improve— your work.


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