Lynda – Creating Black-and-White Landscape Photos with Lightroom

Lynda – Creating Black-and-White Landscape Photos with Lightroom with Taz Tally
Project Files| Software used: Lightroom 6| Intermediate | 2h 13m | 752 MB

Learn the best techniques for creating stunning black-and-white landscape photos in Lightroom. Taz Tally takes some of his own full-color photographs, shot in the dramatic Alaskan wilderness, and shows how to transform them into high-contrast black and white images. He introduces the fundamental concepts, tools, and workflows you’ll need to use to master the conversion process, and shows how to use Lightroom’s Histogram and Info tools to understand what’s going on “behind the scenes” of your images. Then Taz introduces some advanced color- and tone-based adjustments for enhancing brightness and contrast. Last but not least, he shares tips on sharpening, sharing, and printing your results.

Topics include:

Understanding channels
Measuring and adjusting brightness, contrast, highlights, and shadows
Working in the Develop module
Fine-tuning contrast with tone-based adjustments
Adjusting color
Making mask-based adjustments
Sharpening, sharing, and printing


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