Digital-Tutors – Resurrecting Extinct Creatures in Photoshop

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Digital-Tutors – Resurrecting Extinct Creatures in Photoshop
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In this Photoshop tutorial we’ll create a woolly mammoth using digital painting techniques and photo manipulation.

These lessons will focus on the process of transforming an image of a real animal to create the illusion of a prehistoric creature by applying textures combined with painting. We’ll begin by preparing the main image of an elephant by masking and cloning out any unwanted visual information.

Next we’ll use Liquefy to reshape portions of the elephant to feel closer to the proportions of a mammoth. From here we’ll spend some lessons on blocking in hair textures, shadows, and painting additional hair to establish the woolly mammoth’s furry coat onto the image of the elephant. Following this we’ll see how we can create the tusks for the mammoth by applying some textures and painting.

Finally, we’ll apply some final details to wrap up our project. By the end of this Photoshop training you’ll be able to find success with your own photo-manipulation projects involving hair textures.


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