Deep Blue Apps – Cut the Cookie – Corona Template

Cut the Cookie is a template based on the famous Cut the Rope smash hit game. From this template you’ll be able to build dozens of games using the mechanics inside. Simply add your SWEET or COOKIE, position the stars and some ropes – and off you go. The template includes a WORLD SELECTION followed by a LEVEL SELECTION system, so you can have hundreds of levels for your game/users.

Add and position AUTO ROPES that automatically connect when the sweet gets close, collect, track, record your STARS collected progress and have all the data for every level of every world saved as you go.

For this template we created our main hero using the amazing SPINE ANIMATION tool, with all the other sprites being packed together inside a Spritesheet. But don’t worry, in the download you get ALL of the separate images and all of our SPINE animation files, so you can quickly change the art over for yours.

The template has loads of features to help make your game stand out – we’re sure you can think of loads of games and themes for this template!

Watch the video in full below to see this amazing Corona template in action. It couldn’t be simpler!

Template Features

Saving/Loading scores
Saving Highscore
Stars per Level
World Selection (we provide 4)
25 levels per world (we provide 15 for each)
Rope effects
Auto Ropes
Perimeter Ropes/sizes
Slashing Ropes effect
Star animations and scoring
Multiple Hero animations
2 music tracks
Dozens of SFX and Audio
4 x Spikes, rotating, speed, X,Y controlled
Dynamic graphics for different devices
Dynamic Backdrop loading
Bubbles to float your sweet
Chopped up cookie effects
iPhone 4, 5 and iPad tested
Tested on Android, Google Nexus phone too!
One touch controls
Instant Level resets
Physics and gameplay pausing
About screen
Options and Audio screens
Game Over, Game Completed screens
Quickly build more levels!
Make a full Game super quick
External module controlled sprites
Create an AMAZING app store Hit!

This template is a virtually complete GAME! All you need to do is add your magic with more levels, more hazards etc. Maybe some different Graphics too – you’re going to love working on this template.


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