ChupaMobile – Fury Of Samurai – Endless Runner And Fight Game

A samurai has been framed for betraying his own master by fellow evil disciple. With grief and anger, this samurai has to run to escape from huge killing chase for his life in order to clear his name in future.

Your role: Helps this good samurai to stay alive by running away from enemys like Ninja, Birds, Squrreal, Panda, Fire, Etc.

Try to Kill a enemy in 3 consecutive time and you will get power to move fo some distance without inturuption,Collect Jems and save your life while falling, Take Sushi and you will become Super Samurai,lots of entertaiment and fun

This game is simply irresistible! Play this game now to find out!


Excellent Theme Music and Audio Effects
Multiplayer,play with your Facebook Friends
Super Graphics

Source Code Features

Startapp Sdk Integration

Applovin Integration


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